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Our Story

Loyalty & Co. Inc. began as a unique partnership between Joanna Walker and Steve Allmen. Joanna and Steve are industry veterans with expertise in loyalty, incentives, gift cards, and payments. They are both entrepreneurial at heart and fun to hang around with. They help their clients maximize customer engagement, improve profitability and increase revenue by providing expert advice and consulting yet always ready to roll up their sleeves and help out wherever need be.

The marketplace is constantly evolving and the Loyalty & Co. team can help create a project roadmap based on the current market landscape.

Joanna Walker

Founder and CEO

Following a successful career for the Hudson's Bay Company, LoyaltyOne and Bond Brand Loyalty, Joanna partnered up with Steve Allmen to create Loyalty & Co. She is a leading expert in Gift Cards, Prepaid products, Payments, Loyalty and Incentive programs. She is a strategic thinker, a leader and a motivator of new ideas. She supports her clients to achieve success and is focused on delivering the best customer experience for her client’s programs because it’s paramount to developing customer loyalty.

Joanna is an entrepreneur at heart, and has a special ability to help others shine and prosper. She can quickly unearth a business problem, create a solution and develop a detailed strategy that her clients love.

She has held industry positions such as Executive Director for IMA Canada and is a founding Board Member of the Payments Exchange Canada. But her favourite roles are wife and mother. Her patience, curiosity and supportive nature allow her to help her family, friends and clients to live their best lives.

Steve Allmen

Founder and President

Steve has held Executive positions across multiple industries including AIMIA Canada, Aeroplan, The Hudson’s Bay Company and LoyaltyOne just to name a few. He has developed strategic alliances with companies in the loyalty, retail, telecom, financial and marketing sectors.

Steve’s knowledge and understanding of industry facts and up-to-date news is bar none - he is known for his ability to identify and establish market gaps and opportunities and identify strategic alliances for a new vision and then execute it flawlessly. He is a strategist, networker, collaborator and advisor to all his clients and continues to learn and motivate others.

After hours, Steve still shows multiple signs of loyalty in everything he does. From EVP of GTHL to Board Director for Push for Change, he longs to help others by paying everything forward. 

Doug Sutherland

Sr. Consultant

Doug is a seasoned executive who has the rare ability to bridge Marketing and Technology. He architects, develops and executes large scale, guest facing technology and strategic projects that directly impact P&L, Brand and Market Share. The term consultant doesn’t begin to cover the vast expanse of his skills and experience in the Loyalty sector.

Doug’s loyalty, payment and data experience includes Cara Restaurants, Giant Tiger, Sunwing Vacations, Apple Leisure Group and Tim Hortons. At Tim Hortons, Doug oversaw the creation and launch of the CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card. He designed and implemented Tims Guest Rewards Coupons, an intelligent real-time solution to reward consumers by providing them with a mobile or email coupon to be authenticated and redeemed at the POS.

Doug is a lot of fun to work with, he always has a great story to share which always makes the team laugh!

Larissa Bureau

Project Manager

Larissa has over 20 years’ experience in operational management, administration and business development. She is analytical, with strong problem solving skills and considers herself a team player in any role she takes on.

She has worked in a variety of different sectors including travel, computer, property management, government and education, to name a few.

Living and traveling in different countries has given Larissa a wider view of the world.  She has been able to share her wisdom with her daughter and husband, and will continue to experience new cultures and volunteer her time to make the world a better place. One small country at a time.

Loyalty & Co. Advisors

Alex Barseghian


At the young age of 17, Alex opened his first business while attending school. After completing his university degree in London, England he began his career in strategic thinking and marketing working his way up to Global Head of Marketing for Aeroplan. He is the current Founder and CEO of Samba Connects, an international leader in connecting companies with their communities through the management of Retail Gift Card, Loyalty, Incentive & Rewards programs.

It is this background that puts him in a perfect position to advise Loyalty & Co. clients with his extensive knowledge and international experience in the consumer engagement arena.

He can speak four different languages which comes in handy when he is try to read a menu the world over.

Alex has a deep fascination with cigars and enjoys seeing the craft and effort that goes into the entire experience. He looks forward to taking his young family to unique places around the globe to enrich their life experiences - and he has the airline points to make it happen.

Andy Wright


After kicking off his career in information technology,  Andy moved on to become a senior player in the marketing services industry, leading agencies, data companies and loyalty providers in Europe, The US and most recently serving as President of the Air Miles Rewards Program, Canada’s largest and most successful loyalty program.

Throughout his career, his passion has always been the generation of business insight from customer data. Now in the age of ‘big data’, there is a lot of excitement about businesses going deep into this as their most important asset. However, he also wryly acknowledges that many don’t realize the potential they have with simple applications of less than complex data.

Andy is excited about the continuing revolution in technology development that is allowing brands at any scale to deploy engaging omnichannel customer experiences, and most importantly for the future, in the mobile space.

In his off hours he can be found taxiing his kids to volleyball tournaments, walking, or on one his many bikes, contemplating how to build sustainable communities where human powered transit is given the respect it deserves.

Bill Hanifin


Bill has invested nearly 20 years designing, managing and evaluating customer loyalty and data-driven marketing programs on behalf of leading organizations around the world. He has successfully executed customer strategies throughout North America and Latin American markets as well as in the EU and Asia Pacific regions.

Bill has worked throughout North America and multiple international markets, creating data-driven marketing strategy to solve business challenges and unlock profitability for clients. He has been privileged to work with many well-known brands, including Bright Horizons, ExxonMobil, Grace Kennedy, McGraw Hill, Red Box, Scotiabank, and Visa. He has also worked directly with coalition loyalty programs operating in the USA, Peru, Brazil and Malaysia.

For the last 15 years Bill has done numerous endurance races including triathlons, open water swims and longer bike rides. He is a 1X Ironman and will be training alongside his 23 year old son for IM Lake Placid next summer. When he does rest his legs he likes to spend time with his family and 3 children, do a little reading, and help out local community organizations.