Established in 2015, Loyalty & Co. is a boutique firm specializing in Gift Card and Loyalty programs for companies across Canada and the United States. With our collective expertise and extensive industry experience, we have earned a trusted reputation, and we are proud to say that our business thrives primarily through referrals.


Loyalty & Co. is more than just a business name—it encapsulates our values and the essence of our service. We are defined by loyalty and a deep commitment to seeing our clients succeed, reflecting the same dedication they have in achieving their business goals.


Our journey in gift card and loyalty programs has been marked by excellence. We’ve spent years building a wealth of knowledge and cultivating relationships that empower our clients. We are your partner in success, and your goals are our goals.


At Loyalty & Co., we pledge to deliver strategic solutions that go beyond the surface. We immerse ourselves in your unique challenges, understand your objectives, and work collaboratively to design and refine loyalty and gift card programs that not only justify your investments but also maximize your business potential.


We prioritize delivering data-driven solutions that not only foster customer engagement and loyalty but also optimize profitability, catalyzing the growth of your business. Our approach is a true blend of Art and Science, tailored to your specific needs. We leverage insightful data to formulate a bespoke strategy that precisely aligns with your goals, enabling your business to thrive through well-informed and strategic choices.


We believe in building lasting relationships. Our commitment to your success extends beyond projects and transactions; we aim to be your trusted advisors and partners in every sense of the word. Your success is our success.


Where we’re more than just experts—we are your dedicated partners in achieving business excellence.

Where Our Journey Began

Loyalty & Co. began in 2015, born from a profound friendship and collaboration between two visionaries, Joanna Walker and Steve Allmen. Recognizing a significant gap in the market, they set out to address the needs of executives and managers responsible for loyalty, payment, and gift card programs.


Joanna and Steve shared a vision to provide unwavering support, expertise, and solutions rooted in real-world experience and knowledge. They drew upon years of hands-on involvement in developing and operating these programs. Their insight came from the trenches, which allowed them to understand the challenges and opportunities of the industry fully.

Championing Revenue Growth and Value

Joanna and Steve have earned their reputation as industry leaders for their ability to drive revenue and enhance value through customer engagement and partnership strategies. Their track record of success speaks volumes, especially for top-tier brands.

A Partnership for Success

Loyalty & Co. isn’t just a consultancy; it’s a partnership for success. The team’s dedication to delivering real-world, results-driven solutions has been the foundation of their journey. Grounded and focused on achieving your goals and driving your business to new heights.

A Transition for the Future

As Steve takes a step back from day-to-day operations, Joanna is at the helm, leading Loyalty & Co. into the future. We’ve expanded our team, welcoming subject matter experts who are truly exceptional in their fields. They share the same commitment, values, and expertise that Loyalty & Co. was built on.

Same Dedication, a Bright Future

With Joanna’s leadership and a team of experts, Loyalty & Co. continues to be dedicated to your success. We’re excited to embark on this new chapter, driven by the same unwavering commitment to providing the support, expertise, and solutions that have been the cornerstone of our journey.

Welcome to Loyalty & Co., where our story is all about supporting your success.

“Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction… You must improve.”


The loyalty business is evolving, and your business needs to evolve. Loyalty & Co. can create the strategy by which your future loyalty programs. In the same way, an architect creates a blueprint before anyone picks us a hammer; we take the pulse of your industry and build a strategy from there. We help our clients build loyalty, payments and gift card strategies that help them stand out from the crowd. Not get lost in it.

“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer + a loyal customer.”


We take a more custom approach to each of our projects. We take the time to dive deep and figure out what is the best approach to take. Technology solutions are ever-changing, and we keep current with the industry and help you decide what you need and, just as importantly, what you don’t need to do to help your business prosper.

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”


After establishing a loyalty program, it’s essential to maintain and nurture it consistently. That’s precisely why we’ve teamed up with seasoned professionals in the industry who can guarantee that we provide our clients with well-established strategies to make the most of your time and resources. To sustain a robust loyalty program, you must have the necessary expertise available to guide you throughout the entire process.

Jeff Vanderheiden

Loyalty & Co’s Team

With a commitment to growing one client at a time, Loyalty & Co. has built a reputation as trusted advisors who deliver real value and support for the people behind the brands working so hard to make an impact within their organizations.

Loyalty & Co. has grown steadily since its inception, partnering with like-minded experts and building a team of skilled professionals in strategy, program design, partnership and strategic development, data analytics, marketing technology, and program operations and execution. Now with a diverse client portfolio encompassing Canadian, US, and international brands, Loyalty & Co.’s mission remains unwavering – collaboratively creating and implementing solutions that skillfully harmonize what is good for the customer and good for the business.

In an ever-evolving market landscape, Loyalty & Co.’s clients consistently grapple with the persistent challenge of acquiring the resources and expertise necessary to achieve their objectives. Loyalty & Co. bridges this gap, ensuring that clients experience unwavering support and access to on-demand resources essential for their success.

Loyalty & Co

✓ Provide an experienced, unbiased, external sounding board for you.

✓ Collaborate with all stakeholders as an integrated trusted advisor and partner.

✓ Provide value frameworks, best practices, research, and tested experience to inform the project process.

✓ Make recommendations, and develop plans that deliver a positive impact to the organization and the customer.

“At the heart of our ethos lies the fundamental belief that we are only successful when our clients are successful.” – Joanna Walker

Joanna Walker Loyalty & Co CEO


Co-founder and CEO

Advocate. Entrepreneur. Determined. Kind.

Joanna is a visionary individual known for her strategic mindset, leadership capabilities, and ability to inspire innovation across various facets of marketing, loyalty program design, and gift card frameworks. With a rich background from renowned loyalty and retail brands like LoyaltyOne, Hudson’s Bay Company, and Bond Brand Loyalty, she places a strong emphasis on understanding her client’s needs while pushing boundaries to create lasting impact.

Her proficiency lies in strategy development, crafting, implementing, and launching effective customer engagement programs and building internal consensus to invest in the process and the business infrastructure that sets up the organization for long-term success. Clients can rely on her unwavering commitment to their best interests, ensuring they feel well-supported throughout their journey.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Joanna is a passionate advocate for women in business and takes an active role in coaching and facilitating business strategy planning sessions to help push boundaries and drive success. With her guidance, many individuals find the encouragement and resources they need to flourish in their ventures.

Michelle Armstrong

Michelle Armstrong

Director Of Strategic Programs

Leader. Solution Oriented. Detailed. Happy.

Michelle is a seasoned Program Manager with over 10 years of experience in successfully driving diverse teams to deliver complex projects within the retail and e-commerce sectors. Known for her strategic vision and precise execution, Michelle excels at merging business goals with innovative solutions ensuring programs not only meet their deadlines and budgets but also drive substantial business growth.

Michelle has been instrumental in leading high priority projects, fostering strong client relationships, and enhancing operational efficiencies through effective program oversight and process improvements. She has successfully managed cross-functional teams, demonstrating her ability to navigate complex project landscapes and deliver results that align with strategic business goals.

Michelle’s strong leadership and communication style, coupled with her commitment to client success have made her a trusted advisor and key asset to organizations looking to elevate their program offering and achieve measurable outcomes.

Steve Allmen

Steve Allmen

Co-Founder & Advisor

Visionary. Networked. Experienced. Loyal.

Steve boasts a remarkable career, having served in Executive roles for esteemed companies within the loyalty industry, including AIMIA Canada, Aeroplan, The Hudson’s Bay Company, and LoyaltyOne. Throughout his journey, he has successfully cultivated strategic partnerships with various players in the loyalty, retail, travel, finance, and marketing sectors. Steve’s expertise in the loyalty industry stands unrivalled, with a profound understanding of its intricacies.

Renowned for his uncanny talent in recognizing market gaps and opportunities, he has demonstrated an exceptional ability to forge strategic alliances that pave the way for a new vision. Moreover, his execution of these initiatives consistently drives value for organizations. Steve’s dedication and contributions to the loyalty industry have left an indelible mark, making him a true standout.

Steve is a valued Strategic Advisor and continues to support Loyalty & Co and our clients with his expertise, strategic thinking and wisdom.

Jeff Vanderheiden

Jeff Vanderheiden

Chief Strategy Officer

Strategic. Analytical. No Nonsense. Funny.

Jeff is a highly experienced corporate strategist and analytics specialist with a remarkable track record of over 25 years in data-driven marketing. His expertise spans various industries, including retail, financial, travel & hospitality, coalition and proprietary loyalty.

As the founder of VCI, a customer-centric transformation consulting agency, Jeff is dedicated to developing data-centric customer engagement strategies for his clients. He has earned the reputation of being a valuable partner in the consulting services offered by Loyalty & Co. Jeff possesses a remarkable ability to dispel ambiguity and offer straightforward, decisive guidance.

Throughout his corporate career, Jeff has been a driving force behind customer-centric transformations in renowned organizations like Sobeys, Hudson’s Bay Company, CIBC, American Express, Aimia/Aeroplan, and Loyalty One. His unique talent lies in effectively blending customer insights with marketing technology, resulting in powerful and impactful customer engagement strategies that add substantial strategic and financial value to organizations.

Nicki Knight

Nicki Knight

Loyalty Marketing Advisor

Thoughtful. Driven. Smart. Hands-On.

With more than a decade of expertise in retail partnerships, loyalty programs, and sponsorships, Nicki holds an MBA specializing in strategic management and marketing.

She has dedicated her career to managing and cultivating extensive retail loyalty initiatives for prominent Canadian and global brands, with a particular focus on strategic planning and program evaluation. Nicki possesses a keen understanding of the pivotal role that loyalty and customer-centric marketing play in the modern marketplace, and she consistently brings a practical and insightful approach to her work.

Nicki is a valued Advisor to Loyalty & Co., lending strategic thinking and best practices in negotiating, building and executing large-scale loyalty programs in highly competitive retail markets.

Ron Ramesh

Ron Ramesh

Customer Centric Strategy Consultant

Genuine. Approachable. Process Driven. Fun.

Ron’s background is rooted in successful Franchise operations within the retail gas station, auto service center industries and Home Services. His career started in family-owned Franchises, after which Ron transitioned to management roles within Franchisors, progressively assuming more senior positions within emerging and established brands. Throughout his career, he has consistently provided unwavering support to single and multi-unit franchisees. His unique ability to transform franchisor strategies into actionable outcomes has led to remarkable revenue growth and notable system enhancements with brands such as Canadian Tire, Mr. Lube, Garage Living and Anderson Windows.

Now as the Founder and CEO of Franchise Strategy Co., Ron possesses a wealth of experience in executing effective strategies for a diverse range of organizations. Drawing from firsthand corporate experience, he has developed a simplified strategic planning approach tailored for emerging franchisors and multi-unit franchisees, equipping them to think and expand like larger enterprises. This approach is underpinned by a proprietary strategic planning process structured around three vital pillars: revenue, operations, and people.

Ron is a valued partner of Loyalty & Co., supporting large retail and franchise systems consulting engagements implementing system, technology and process improvements.

Anthony Talisic

Stephen Knight

Consumer Credit Card and Loyalty Program Consultant

Experienced. Outcome Driven. Extremely Witty.

Stephen has been a trusted advisor in the payments and loyalty businesses for over 20 years, specializing in developing unique card partnerships between retailers and issuers, strategy roadmaps, new payment products, optimizing portfolio returns, and implementing data monetization programs. Stephen has consulted for major retail and FI brands such as; Air Canada, AIR MILES, Amex, ATB, Borrowell, CAA, CIBC, Coast Capital, Dymon Group, GAP, GM Canada, HBC, Irving Oil, Manulife Bank, OLG, PC Bank, RBC, Scotiabank, Tangerine Bank, Target, TD/Visa and WestJet, amongst others.

Before his fourteen years in consulting, Stephen was Senior Vice President, Credit & Loyalty for Hudson’s Bay Company, one of Canada’s largest retailers. 

In both consulting and corporate roles, Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge in areas such as finding growth opportunities, monetizing customer data, systems implementations, engineering financial results through relationship metrics and management accountabilities, portfolio risk management, operational effectiveness, and proactive management reporting.

Stephen brings strong experience in ​​Co-Branded Card Issuing Partnerships, De-Novo Card Issuing Support, P&L ownership, Systems Selection / Conversion and Implementation, Systems Selection / Conversion and Implementation.

Stephen is a valued partner of Loyalty & Co.,  consistently contributing significant value to our large-scale consulting projects.